I am a designer who has as much an interest in game design than Level design. My goal is to offer my competence in the service of the video game industry.

My various formations (Cinema and art history) helps me open my mind to the world of the media. But it is mostly my video game formation (AEC in video game conception and a DESS in game design) who allow me to be a polyvalent designer.

I was able to experiment Level design and to learn how to think the architecture of a level and his way to use the various game mechanic in a different way. I also was able to think in a game design perspective and how to create a solid and coherent system.
I also get some technical skill and I learn some solid programationbase the game Engine Unity and I also get to be quite comfortablewith UDK at the exception of the programming side. I also learn some basic skill in 3d modeling software such as Blender and Image editing software such as Gimp.

My short internship at Affordance Studio help me understand the dynamic of a little video game studio, but my most solid formation came from my various game I made for personal and secular purpose where I had a wide variety of roles and I touch a lot of genres such as FPS/Puzzle, 2D stealth game and Platformer.

I love video games in his diversity and I like independent game as much as Tripple A and I am open to any game genre.

I would gladly offer my skill to help create rich and stimulating video game experience.

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