Trinity is a Fps/puzzle game set in a surrealistic universe that I created using Unreal Engine 4. The origin of the game is a student project that I made with two other designers using Unreal Engine 3. But the project evolves and I end up remaking the project from scratch to add polish and improvement. The main concept is simple. The player has the ability to give one of the three attributes available to prisms by shooting it. From this point, the player has to reach a certain location to progress through the game by using these platforms and understanding the puzzle.

The game as the a total of twelve levels and as plenty to offer. The bigger scope of the project allows me to create level design that teaches clearly to the player how the main and secondary mechanic work and the diversity of the level help me create a various range of environments and level design structure.

You can also check my steam page: Here

Download the demo version(15-20 min).

Download The HLC. (19 pages)