Color Light Hero is a shooting/platformer fame similar to the Megaman Series. The main concept of the game is that the player character has a defining color (in a total of 4 available) and this color define what enemy, he can destroy, what enemy can hurt him and what special ability, he has (changing gravity, destroy some block, go throughanother kind of block or having a double jump). This mechanic gets another layer of complexity with the acquisition of a secondary color who is inactive, but enable the player to switch between the primary and secondary color at any moment.

The Level design uses the color abilities in a various way, one of them is to propose some alternate path to the player that he can get or not depending the color he has, something that help reliability. This logic is also present in the main path where there is a lot of section who use in an optimal way every one of the colors mechanics. The experience is very dynamic making it a short but fun experience.

Download the Game (Approx 7-15 min)